Love is a game. Megan RapinoeAnd Sue BirdThey have been awarded a huge amount of money.

The love story that brought them together over five years has earned the couple a lot of admirers. Sue hopes that their love story will inspire others to learn one thing about the couple as they work together towards new goals and titles. 

CelebHomes News exclusive: “Hopefully they only see two people in love, but who also live their lives authentically.” She shared this with CelebHomes News. When I thought about my childhood and my early years of adulthood, some about being gay and what was being said about the LGBTQ community it felt like they were strangeos. It was as if they were strange people in this room.

While Sue admits that she internalized those fears growing up, she hopes her appearances with Megan on red carpets, at sporting events and on social media will remind followers of all ages that it’s okay to be your true, authentic self.