Gaten Matarazzo, Stranger Things’ Director of Productions, Reacts To Dustin Vs. Mr. Wheeler

Even though Gaten Matarazzo is on Stranger ThingsHe still holds theories on how to end the show like everyone else.

The actor, who plays Dustin, exclusively told CelebHomes News that he has some big hopes for his character, especially when it comes to love.

Season four’s Volume 1 volume I features Dustin and Suzie, his ex-girlfriend.Gabriella PizzoloWhile she was able to rescue the day, () didn’t get in touch with Dustin. Gaten hopes that Season Five will bring some change, even though the couple may need to be creative.

Gaten declared, “We have no other choice but to hope.” “What we know, at least in hindsight, about being in the modern day of technology is that it can only get easier for long distance with them starting from ‘86 onward. We will see what happens next. Let’s just hope it does.

Gaten says that even though he admits it, “I do not think her parents would be too happy with him.”

But hey, if there’s somebody who knows about breaking down walls, it’s Dustin Henderson. We believe in Duzie.