I hate to say it, but Steve Harrington (Joe KeeryFor me, ), seems to be the greatest at-risk. Devote Stranger ThingsThe fan I learned about the MinuteWhen I begin to root for a character the Duffer Brothers will take them out. That’s what Steve sees in season 4.

Volume one kept teasing a possible romantic reunion between Nancy (Natalia DyerJonathan, who is currently seeing?Charlie HeatonSteve. The love triangle drama is a long-running one in this series. It’s probably a red herring. This is what makes us feel emotionally attached to the couple before we kill Steve.

Steve is a constant danger-taker, protecting Robin and everyone else from Robin’s best friend.Maya HawkeDustin, a mentee.Gaten Matarazzo). This character cannot escape death more than once. Remember that Steve was originally killed by the Duffer Brothers in season one. It is clear that his time is quickly running out.

-Alyssa Ray