Steve Martin hasn’t been living by the dozen. But, he has been living near Montecito for too long. Veteran comedian and actor has been taking up residence in a distinctively-built home in Santa Barbara for two decades, according to some sources. Finally, Inspector Clouseau has decided that it’s time to List Down the House and not bring it down. Mr. Tom Baker is currently looking to get $11 million for his 7,377 sq ft Santa Barbara vacation spread.

The artsy architecture is one that may require becoming familiar with. But, this real estate purchase will make it all very rewarding once you find comfort in it. And besides, it’s not shy of a generous serving of luxuries; large living space, peaceful dining, back patio, guest house, private parking, and swimming pool. One key feature of this home is it opens up to full landscape views from almost any angle, including via the rooftop which can be easily accessed.

Address: 969 Romero Canyon Rd, Santa Barbara CA 93108