Steve Harvey’s Tip on Dating for Michael B. Jordan

Steve Harvey has nothing but (tough) love for Michael B. Jordan.

It Family Feud host was asked what advice he would give to the Black PantherHis youngest daughter is his star, LoriThe latest episode of CelebHomes News’ digital video series Down in the DMs.

Harvey stated, “I am not going to help him.” He’ll have to do it for himself.” Ouch!

Despite his protective stance, Harvey had kind words to share about Jordan, saying that he’s “a nice guy” and “very respectful.”

He stated, “Relationships with young people are difficult.” He said, “They are in a Hollywood-type marriage and I am cheering for them.”

The actor isn’t the only MJ who looks up to Harvey, as the host revealed that NBA legend Michael Jordan used to turn to him for fashion inspiration years ago.

“I was talking with” Magic [Johnson] and Michael Jordan one time, they said, ‘Man, we should watch you at night on Apollo Theater ShowtimeHarvey explained that he wanted to know what he was going to wear and therefore arranged for Harvey and his stylist to go shopping. His stylist has made him a fashion icon, even though he may prefer fancy suits. Elly Karamoh.