Halloween is over. Steve BuscemiHe is ready for a ride on his skateboard or to listen to his favorite music.

Social media users love the meme of a 63-year old actor impersonating a high-schooler. Steve made things complete by bringing it back to the forefront. dressed upas the character on Sunday October 31.

Individuals shared pics to social media showing the FargoStar is seen wearing a red baseball cap, a red hoodie, and a gray “Music Band” T-shirt while riding a skateboard. This is the exact same way he dressed for the 2012 30 Rock episode entitled “The Tuxedo Begins,” which spawned the popular footage.

Steve appeared in an episode of the NBC sitcom as a private investigator, who attempted to catch troublemaking high school students by impersonating a teen. This was a parody of 21 Jump Street. The episode featured a funny flashback in which Steve, clearly out of his element, approached students in a hallway lined with lockers and asked nonchalantly, “How are you doing, fellow kids?”