He is his number one fan.

The following are some examples Stephen CurryAfter his incredible win in the NBA Finals, basketball superstar son took the most adorable photo together Canon W. Jack, 3. The Finals MVP’s spouse Ayesha Curry shared a pic of her “dudes” clutching trophies, with their little one cuddled up to dad and looking up at him admiringly.

“Wow,” Ayesha wrote on June 18, along with several emojis. “God is good… all the time”  

Two days earlier, the Golden State Warriors beat the Boston Celtics in Game 6 of the Finals, clinching the 2022 NBA title and securing Stephen—who played with a foot injury—his fourth championship in eight seasons.

And Canon may be a future NBA athlete himself. On June 14, Ayesha, 33, shared a cute clip of her little boy keeping his focus while dribbling two basketballs at once on her Instagram Story.

“Canon Jack out here stuntin like his daddy,” Ayesha wrote of her son’s impressive basketball skills., tagging the 34-year-old pro baller.