Stephanie Seymour is remembering her late son Harry Brant

The supermodel, 54, shared an image of her and Harry on Instagram to commemorate his 26th birthday on Aug. 2. Stephanie is seen in the photograph resting her head on Harry’s shoulder, with one hand on his arm.  

It was captioned, “Happy birthday Bebe!” 

She posted the following: Friends included Linda Evangelista, Marc Jacobs All of them came together to send Harry birthday wishes in the comments section. Naomi CampbellComment added: “Happy birthday @harry_brant, my beautiful godson.” 

Harry, who is the son of Stephanie and magazine publisher Peter Brant, died of an accidental overdose of prescription drugs on Jan. 17, 2021. Four days later the 24-year old was laid to repose. 

In a family statement, his family stated that “we will never forget the loss of his life due to this terrible disease.” New York Times. He accomplished a lot over his 24 year career, but it will be impossible to imagine how much Harry could have achieved.