Stephanie BeatrizI was still waiting for a miracle, but it didn’t come quite soon enough.

The Encanto actress told Variety in an recent interview published March 10 that while she was recording the final rendition of “Waiting on a Miracle,” she went into labor. 

She stated that she didn’t wish to reveal any Disney information because it would have caused panic. However, she added that she was having contractions at the time we recorded that day. 

Stephanie said, Stephanie, “I was like, ‘Well fingers crossed, I finish the song before.” [the baby] comes!'”

After completing the recording, she gave birth to her baby girl. Rosaline HossShe was born in August 2021. She shared her birth on Instagram at the time, posting a photo of her holding the baby in a car seat. In the caption, she said that “I am very much in awe” of all the experience of having children. “It’s INCREDIBLE, HARD AF and BEAUTIFUL AND EMOTIONAL. It makes me feel so overwhelmed and grateful. Roz, your cool.