Also, the King of Pop gave the room a very special gift. The King of Pop gave the toy box as a gift. Michael Jackson“Yes,” she replied. She said, “This was a gift chest that contained toys for Christmas 12 years ago. The Bel-Air Hotel was where we both lived. 

She shared that all of her family enjoy the holidays and celebrate over multiple days, as well as cooking with them often. Kathy said, “Nicky is a great baker,” before adding cheekily that Paris licks the bowl. 

Kathy explained that she has learned a lot about her children since the start of the coronavirus epidemic. She said, “With the pandemic, it was a great feeling to have my kids home, especially at Christmas. It allowed me to connect with them.”

She was surprised to discover that she enjoyed crafting! They actually like crafting!” 

Bravo Star encouraged her fellow Bravo members to share their experiences with their own families. According to her, “Sit down with your family and make a craft together.” You can bring your stuff, or you could use them to make a wreath. Quality time is what you need. 

As she stood at her front door, the woman said a final farewell. “I need to move because I must get back to North Pole,” she jokingly stated. She said, “But I wish everyone safe and healthy holidays.”