Multiple celebrities used social media to speak out against bullying after hearing about Drayke’s tragic death.

“PLEASE—Take the time to read your kids this..” Camila MorroneRecently, I wrote an Instagram Story alongside Andrew’s post on Drayke. We all experienced bullying at one time or another. Let’s not make bullies, but LOVERS!

Addition Kaia GerberMy heart breaks for Drayke, his family and all the children who have been bullied. I ask that you take the time and read the following. Let’s show kindness and compassion to our children. Bullying has NEVER been and will never be considered ‘cool’. #DoItForDrayke. Thank you @camilamorrone.

Sara FosterA photo of Drayke, along with dates for his death and birth was also uploaded. 

Her words were: “This sweet little boy was literally bullied until he died.” To the bully’s parents, you are rubbish. I’m sorry. Your son was a bully. It was impossible for you to not know. He was raised by you. Your parents failed. Attention to your children. Don’t forget to get sterilized if it’s not something you planned. Do better for the school that does not address bullying. @hard_man03 I am so sorry for this unimaginable pain and loss.”