Jessica said that the man looked “sick” and suggested it could have been caused by a gas leak at the home. Jessica stated that she contacted her daughter to express her concerns, saying that the man looked “sick” and had been in the house for five feet. She also said that the woman became dizzy after the delivery.

She recalled that “I told you, “There has to be a leak,” and added that the leak could have caused her dad not to do well.

Jessica received a response from her daughter later on and she confirmed there had been a gas leak in the father’s home. Jessica’s screenshot shows that the woman claimed she had sent her son to inspect the father when the leak was found. After she sent her son to the father, the woman informed Jessica that the propane tank had “definitely saved my Dad and my son’s lives

Later on, Jessica said, the daughter responded and confirmed that there was indeed a gas leak at her father’s house. Jessica provided a screenshot of the incident in which Jessica said that the woman told Jessica she called her son and asked him to visit the old man. Jessica received the tip from the woman about the propane tank. She said that it “definitely saved my Dad’s life !!!!”.”