Interview with Today on March 4, Gina called the loss of their daughter a “parent’s worst nightmare.”   

At the time, she stated that “we’re still struggling” We are still trying to figure out what and how it happened. We’re just heartbroken, so heartbroken.” 

Katie was a close friend of her parents and they shared their conversation with her just hours before she died on FaceTime. Steve described her personality as “just the typical jovial Katie.”  

Gina noted that her daughter—who was a senior International Relations major, Resident Assistant and captain of the women’s soccer team—was “excited” but “had a lot on her plate,” adding, “But she was happy. She was always in good spirits.  

The parents also said that their daughter may have been “triggered” after a Stanford University email regarding disciplinary action against her for “defending a campus teammate over an incident”.

While they had yet to read the email, Gina stated that it “was kind of the final letter that there was going to be a ‘trial’ or some kind of something.” 

CelebHomes News made the following statement Dee MostofiStanford University’s Assistant Vice President of External Communications shared the following: “We are not allowed to share information concerning confidential student disciplinary issues.” 

The statement said that Katie’s passing has devastated the entire community. We offer our condolences to Katie’s family as well as everyone who knew Katie at Stanford and across the globe. “Katie touched so many lives.” 

The statement continued: “We, as a university community, continue to grieve Katie’s loss and treasure our memories of Katie.”