You might need some convincing to buy before you make your purchase. Check out these glowing reviews by QVC shoppers. 

St. Tropez Self-Tan Express Bronzing Mousse Duo Reviews

The tanner is loved by many who have been loyal customers. It’s the most effective self-tanner I have ever found. Be sure to read the instructions, and make sure you apply it on clean skin. QVC is offering a fantastic deal on this product, which has seen its price rise with other similar products. This product is flawless. QVC, thank you for this great deal going into the spring/summer season.

One long-term user shared that she would never buy another self-tanner. You can trust me. I have tried all of them. St Tropez is my favorite and QVC’s price is incredible!”

QVC customer reviews: “I’ve tried every self-tanner I could find, and not all are great. But I decided to give St Tropez a try and I am very happy!” Perfect color, no odor. Works exactly as it says. It is very natural and simple to use.”

I will always use this product! St Tropez mousse has been my favorite product for years. It never leaves streaks, and it is always a perfect color! This product works for me because I am a medium to dark skin color. This product is safe for sensitive skin. Keep making. Because they don’t seem to have enough, I would love them to send me more. Amazon sent me additional mitts, which I loved. 

A shopper gushed, “San Tropez mousse is easy to use, no stained hands, no streaking, & I turn a lovely bronze color. It doesn’t get on my clothes & looks natural. You can use it as often as you like in a given week. It usually happens 1-2x per week. People always think I’ve been to the beach after using it & no smell. It fades, it’s not noticeable at all. Because they have such great deals, I buy every time from Q. This product has been my favorite for over 15 years. Grateful for Q offering this amazing product & price @ including mitts! These are usually extra expensive in most stores. It’s great!

Another said, “Watching QVC’s product, I was high on my hopes. This product is amazing. It’s easy to use, looks great, and you can even tan! “Thank you so much for this product!

“I’m Irish and have a light skin. “I tan very well but I don’t want to lie at the pool all day. The product was great! I washed after only 2 hours. It has given me great color this morning.
It is not streaky or smelly. It is important to keep the enclosed hand towel. “This is the best tanning product I’ve ever used,” said a fan.

I don’t usually write reviews but the product lived up to all of the positive comments. We needed to make our legs look more attractive for Derby. The expedited shipping was very efficient. It arrived quickly and the dress worked great. “My lovely, tanned legs increased my confidence in my cabi gown,” said a customer.