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After Yellowjackets Many fans tried to unravel the too-convenient relationship between Shauna (“The Shauna”) for months.Melanie Lynskey) and too good to be true Adam (Peter GadiotThe jaw-dropping episode of Jan. 9, which was a shocking and unexpected event, left us scrambling for answers. 

Spoiler: Adam is now dead. Yes, Adam is dead. Shauna confronted Adam following the botched blackmail scam. He didn’t even go to Pratt! Is there glitter in her closet? Jeff (Shauna’s husband) is actually the true thief.Warren Kole). 

Adam’s position is only six feet lower than it was before. 

“Like everyone, we had a lot of questions about really what was the motivation for Adam,” Gadiot exclusively told CelebHomes News. There’s lots of speculation around all these possible scenarios but, as far as my knowledge, nobody has ever figured out the truth. He is exactly who he claims to be.