His fitness journey is his priority.Jacob Batalon is soaring to new heights—without help from Spider-Man. 
A recent interview was conducted with Men’s HealthThe 25-year old actor spoke out about how he lost 112 pounds in the past two years. The actor was interviewed by the Spider-Man, There’s No Way HomeStar noted. He decided to alter his exercise and diet routines in order to improve his overall health, after feeling sluggish even while working.
Jacob stated that Jacob had decided to transform his life or embark on this journey for my fitness and health at the beginning of 2019. Even though I didn’t do any physical activity, I felt tired at work due to all of the unhealthy food that I was eating.
“I felt so out of breath that I couldn’t walk up stairs and one day I saw myself with no shirt and it was crazy,” he said. “I was shocked that I could get so far. This is what kind of got it all started.