For a Southern belle, wedding bells are ringing. 

Season eight Southern CharmIt all plays out. Madison LeCroy is busy planning her and Brett Randle‘s upcoming wedding—set for this winter, the hairstylist exclusively told CelebHomes News. Madison stated, “It is in November.” I feel amazing about it. “I’m going to be the woman of my dreams.

She added that the planning process has been “pretty stress-free” thanks to the professional she hired. This, along with the fact she and Brett don’t have a large wedding. Madison doesn’t have to be there because the guest list was so small. Southern CharmCo-stars were included in the final cut. According to her, “I have 30 people.” “It is destination, and my fiancé is one of eight, so it’s pretty much his family and my family and that’s about it. It’s very intimate.” 

Madison’s engagement only appeared on the most recent episode Southern Charm, but not everyone was thrilled to hear the news—namely, her ex-boyfriend Austen KrollHis friends Shep rose Craig Conover. Madison stated, “Watching that scene, honestly, I was shocked at how many people cared that much.”