Charleston: The cat is out of the bag 

A word of Naomie OlindoAnd Whitney Sudler SmithThe spread of’s hookups throughout the country Southern CharmCast on Aug. 18, and although almost everyone was shocked, one person left feeling upset. 

“What is the f-k?” Naomie’s ex, Craig ConoverOnce, she replied Austen KrollI spilled the beans. It stinks. Is Whitney going to me? This is just not that much fun.”

Craig wasn’t necessarily upset with his ex, though—just Whitney. In a confessional, he stated that Whitney is too shady to do what she likes. While I know that bro-code can be complicated, I still love my ex-girlfriend. You know, like “What the f—k?”

The tension only grew when Whitney, who had apparently been listening to Craig and Austen’s conversation for the past 15 minutes, walked in and called them “f–king idiots.”

Whitney didn’t deny the rumors about Naomie, but once Craig pointed out that he and Naomie—who dated for two years before going their separate ways in 2017 and briefly reuniting last year—obviously had history, Whitney retorted, “Who gives a s–t?”