Oh my pod: Natalie LeeIt is your turn Love is blind could have gone a lot differently.

The second season of Netflix’s hit series was full of love and heartbreak. There were also a few dramas, as well as a surprise proposal. We all know that there are many things we don’t like about Netflix. Shayne JansenI was having a good time flirting with the other pod members (Cough, ShainahurleyHowever, we were not able to see that Natalie was also vying for the woman of her dreams.

Yep,Love is Blind creator Chris CoelenIt was revealed that a cast member had proposed to the consultant supervisor, 29 years old, “very early on.”

“It was very out of the blue, but he just felt like he knew, and she was like, ‘This is just weird,'” Coelen revealed to MetroUK. He had significant feelings for her, even though she didn’t share any deep emotions with him. Anyway, she said no and he fled.