Here’s the skinny: The Bosstick family’s newest member is finally here.

Skinny Confidential was founded by The Skinny Confidential Lauryn Bosstick and her husband Michael Bosstick have welcomed their second child, a baby boy, the longtime couple exclusively tells CelebHomes News. We are so happy! the duo, who are also parents to 2-year-old daughter ZazaStatement. “Our second baby feels like such a serene, nice balance to our family.”

The time has come for the Him & Her podcast hosts are relishing in what they called their “newborn bubble,” soaking up every moment with their son and, as they put it. Enjoying every moment of skin-to–skin without any concept of time.

Because right now, family time is all that matters. “It’s truly wild that we met at 12 years old and now we are parents of two!” CelebHomes shared the following with Lauryn (36) and Michael (35) “The baby is healthy, happy, and has had milk. “We are blessed.”