Boy, oh boy!

Sister WivesStar Mykelti Brown PdronShe and her husband Antonio “Tony” PadronSoon, twins will be welcomed.

In an Instagram post, the couple shared news about their marriage by showing a picture of themselves firing up blue powder poppers alongside their 16 month-old daughter Avalon Asa.

Mykelti commented in her Aug. 16 posting, “It’s the last thing that we both expected for them both to become boys.”

Mykelti said that they are still working out names, but that Tony and she were “excited” that Avalon would have two more brothers.

When does Avalon become a big sibling? Mykelti indicated that the twin boys will be due on December 1, but they are twins and so, we think ahead to Thanksgiving.

The TLC Star shared their thoughts on growing their family. PeopleOn Aug. 16, she said that Tony and her “will be much outnumbered sooner than they realize. It should be an exciting adventure.”