They are not just after blood. 

Rose Hathaway’s unlikely friendship (Sisi Stringer) and Lissa Dragomir (Daniela NievesIn this dramatic teaser, ) is put to the test. Vampire AcademyPeacock’s September 15th premiere of the song “The Message” 

The teaser, which was unveiled at 2022 Comic-Con on July 21, shows Lissa at odds with the hypocrisy of the stringent royal society around her. 

Lissa states, “There is a parade people dying to take the throne.” “The only thing that separates this dominion and its fate is me,” Lissa said.

Rose, a vampire-human hybrid known as a Dhampir, encourages her friend to stand up for herself, telling Lissa, “Then go out there and show them all what you’ve got.”

Rose promises that she would get Lissa out of her rut, and when Lissa asks if Rose is ready, Rose replies, “Then, I will get your out.

We’ll believe Rose performing the Guardian training in the teaser.