Olympic champion gymnast Simone Biles shared a cryptic comment in response to news that U.S. women’s gymnastics high-performance director Tom ForsterI resigned.

An email to athletes, staff, coaches and judges, co-signed by him and Vice President of Women’s Gymnastics Annie Heffernon CelebHomes News obtained the following statement: “Tom Forster made the decision to resign.”

Biles said, “Wait until you realize the real problem in USAG isn’t Tom.” tweetedOn Thursday, December 9.

USA Gymnastics didn’t respond to the tweet of Forster. In an email to USA Gymnastics, Forster stated that Forster would not be returning after Dec. 31, while he will attend January National Team Camp in his place.

He was also quoted as saying that his passion in the sport is working with athletes and coaches to get out their best. It has been an amazing honor and privilege to be the leader of Team USA’s Women’s Program over the past three years. I am grateful to all who have supported me in my role.