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Simone BilesBelieves that courage is a superpower. It is a personal mantra that Simone has incorporated into Athleta Girl clothing, where she co-designed a jacket with the words. Simone even shared her personal affirmations and notes. AllHer drop. According to the Olympian CelebHomes News“Those affirmations are things I used as a child and were taught to me by my parents,” he said. 

Simone said, “We included these notes so that kids could see them. It is almost like they are getting a hug from us or that I am encouraging them use their superpowers. These daily reminders will make them feel more confident, comfortable and at ease when they return to school. The gymnast encourages kids to “continue to use their voice and celebrate being unique.”

Simone Biles x Athleta Girl was designed thoughtfully with these notes of encouragement. The collection includes reversible, two-in-1 garments, UPF sun protection fabric, and a jacket which can be converted into a crossbody backpack. Simone wants the collection to remind girls that they can “accomplish anything they put their minds to.” In an exclusive CelebHomes interview, Simone talked about her mission to inspire the next generation and she discussed some of her favorite pieces from the collection.

Simone said that she hoped the girls would love it. They will, I believe. They will.