Simone Biles is still doing cartwheels over her recent engagement to Jonathan Owens.  
In a conversation Today on Feb. 18, the couple revealed that they’re already in the early stages of planning their wedding. Though she had to take a plane right away after Valentine’s Day, the Houston Texans safety team began planning their wedding over the phone. 
Simone, 24 years old, said “It is still in the process.” Today“I am sure that we will do a lot more of that today,” he said.
Jonathan (26 years old) and the seven-time Olympic gold medalist started dating in August 2020, after they met via Instagram. The COVID-19 pandemic halted both their careers, but the pair were able spend much time together.
Simone explained that the relationship was COVID. Simone said, “Since we were with eachother 24/7, it was almost like a constant love affair.” So, now it feels almost strange that we aren’t together. Our relationship is constantly on the rise. We are often texting and calling one another. This is kinda gross.