Adrian Holmes may look nothing like Bel-Air’s Fresh PrincePhil was’s first Uncle Phil. But he sure has Will Smith‘s approval. 

It Bel-AirCelebHomes News stops star Daily Pop on Friday, Feb. 18 to talk all about the new Peacock series—a reimagined version of the beloved sitcom set in modern-day America—revealing that Will, an executive producer on the new show, has been supporting him every step of the way. 

Adrian said, “He signed his books, actually for me.” Adrian wrote him, “To Adrian. I love the way you fill those shoes. He wrote: “To Adrian. I love the way you fill those shoes, Will.” And that was all I could think of. That was the greatest seal of approval right there, and validation from him.”

They also met at The Bel-Airpremier, in which Adrian stated that Will took him aside to say, “You are killing it brother.” 

It’s your dream. Adrian continued. You grow up in the business. And you want to be able to influence and inspire others and make a difference. That’s exactly what this show will do.