He may be known to be very mean on “American Idol” and “America’s Got Talent.” But, the grinch eventually grew a heart. New daddy, and the writer of his main baby, “X-Factor,” Simon Cowell, has been trying to sell his Beverly Hills palace for some time now. He was originally asking for $16.9 million. Now, Cowell’s asking for $17.9 million for the 12,000 sq ft expanse. While he’s trying to reel in even more dough through his prized 7 bed and 13 bath estate, “X-Factor” is in it’s 7th season. Simon’s also hangin’ with One Direction. As long as he brings the girlfriend and the baby, it’s all good.

Returning to the episode of “Los Angeles Got Mansion,” it sits on 2 acres of seclusion and privacy, courtesy of the variety of trees that envelop the elegant and classy abode. Whether you have a small family like Simon Cowell does, or just want to live like a king/queen, then be sure to add his home on your list. Just bring your wallet. Fireplaces, wine cellar, bar/lounge, gated entry, and masterful backyard with a pool and hot tub that’s decorated with water fountains are just a few amenities that this monstrous 2001 shrine has to offer.

Address: 917 Loma Vista Dr, Beverly Hills CA 90210