Simon Cowell is on the mend after suffering injuries in his second electric bicycle accident in less than two years.

This Thursday, January 27th is America’s Got Talent judge broke his arm when he crashed his Spitzing Evolution S-Pedelec bike near his London home, MailOnline reported. Cowell, who was not wearing a helmet, was rushed to a hospital and fitted with a cast, then released the same day, the outlet said. CelebHomes News has been informed that the singer is doing well.

MailOnline received a statement from Cowell (62), saying that he was OK. Thanks for your kind words, “I feel much better.”

The outlet also quoted Cowell as saying, after being told that locals had seen him whizzing around streets at high speed in the past, “I’m a bit of a nutter. “I’ll wear a helmet the next time,” Cowell said.

Cowell made his comments while walking with his fiancée, Lauren Silverman. His bright yellow cast bears drawings that appeared to have been created by the couple’s 7-year-old son EricThe name “James” is also on the label.

Cowell had finished shooting episodes of The Simpsons the day before his accident. Britain’s Got Talent‘s upcoming 15th season, The Sun reported.