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Everyone, happy Capricorn season! Happy birthday to you Capricorn! Whether you’re shopping for someone in your life or looking to treat yourself to some zodiac-related goodies, we’ve created a Capricorn gift guide filled with products that are guaranteed to please. 

Capricorn (also known as the Zodiac’s sea goat) is a practical and down-to-earth zodiac sign. Saturn is their ruler, which makes them hard-working, ambitious, and capable of taking on responsibilities. 

If you want to gift them something they’re going to love, Narayana Montúfar, astrologer and author of Moon Signs: Discover Your Inner Luminary Power, suggests finding things that will help level-up their lives. It could be a useful gadget or beautiful jewelry that will make their life easier. 

CelebHomes News spoke to Narayana, who said: “This zodiac sign really values quality and over quantity. They want something that will stand the test of time.” People don’t enjoy ‘fun items’, but rather like well-built and useful products. 

A silk scarf that can be used multiple times or a beautiful lipstick in the power color are great gifts for the Capricorn.