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If you love shopping top fashion and beauty brands like Free People, Good American, NARS, Olaplex or Charlotte Tilbury, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is definitely one you don’t want to miss. But as with all big sales, items from popular brands like the ones we just listed typically sell out quick. Jeans, shoes, beauty sets and pretty anything cute and affordable tend to sell out the fastest. 

It’s possible to miss out on something that you wanted, but you have been curious if there is a Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Here’s some great news. 

We’ve been on the anniversary sale ever since they opened to cardholders, and we’ve noticed that yes, quite a few sold out items have been restocked. For instance, these chic cowboy booties from Free People in the distressed tan color have sold out and restocked in certain sizes several times. Topshop’s $50 menswear-inspired blazer has been restocked in black. At one point, we even saw the super popular BÉIS weekend bag, that got sold out before the sale even opened to the public, get restocked with a very limited number of items available. 

Although you won’t see major stock restocks, it is possible to find items that you were looking for in stock. We’ve rounded up some recently restocked items at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Make sure you shop before the stock runs out.