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Red lips often associate with confident, powerful women. The DropoutRouge has taken on a new, scandalous meaning.

Theranos was founded in addition to black turtlenecks and green juices. Elizabeth HolmesAmong other things, she was well-known for her red lipstick. The scandalous pout is achieved by using the following: The DropoutThe head make-up artist for’s. Jorjee Doug used Lancôme’s Rouge Drama Ink Lipstick in shades “French Touch” and “French Bisou” on Amanda Seyfried, who plays the disgraced founder in the new hit Hulu series. 

It was a great color choice and a ragged application of the liquid lipstick that Holmes could use. The lipstick also required very little maintenance on the set, and it didn’t smudge even when Seyfried needed to wear a mask. You may not know this, but it is an art form to maintain lipstick while wearing a mask.

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