Father, Son and Not-So-Holy Spirit

This sneak peak of Shining Vale‘s April 3 episode, Patricia (Courteney CoxShe tries to discover the unusual dynamics of ghost Rosemary’s interaction with her (Mira Sorvino). Patricia asks for help from a priest about her strange situation.

“Bless me, Father, for I have sinned—a lot,” she starts off in the expletive-laced scene below. “I have an inquiry about church. Although it was likely a drug-induced hallucination that I experienced, some of my creative successes were probably due to the help of a demon.

Patricia then asks the priest about the “anti-demons” position of the church. Patricia leans over and asks the priest if he’s still speaking. Father?”

Rosemary, who appears in black with dark eyes, says “It’s drugs” as creepy music continues to play.

This is a high-quality jump scare.

Patricia wakes up from her dream with a “F” and a bone-chilling scene. In the middle of mass.