I said to Quinta: “Baby! Can’t you give me some zhush?” “I said to Quinta, ‘Baby, can you just give me a little zhush?'” she laughed. She laughed. Ava [Janelle James]! Ava wore all my clothes. Ava was wearing all my hair. One sweater after the next.”

Style differences aside, Ralph couldn’t be prouder to see the show shine a spotlight on the importance of Black female creatives and artists in Hollywood.

It’s hard work. You have to break rocks, dig dirt, and push through closed doors. [they]”I don’t know where to start with you,” she said. And then I came to this perfect moment created by this young Black woman who has vision. I could only stare at her and thank God for it because I remember everything that I have been through as well as those who came before me. They’re probably like “See? Here you are.” It was well worth the effort.

Sheryl Lee Ralph has more to say in the video above Daily Pop clip.

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