Shay Mitchell Breaks Down Her 58-Step Beauty Routine

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Wondering how celebs achieve such perfect skin? Ask Shay Mitchell and you’ll find out that it is through layer upon layer of masks. 

In a recent video, the actor and entrepreneur shared all her beauty secrets. Vogue, There are many steps. In fact, it’s a 58-step routine that includes facial massagers, 24K gold breast masks and a lot of face masks. 

Shay explained in the video, “You’re going to see quite a lot of masks. The reason I like them it because I feel that they’re very moisturizing.” They are easy to put on and take off. It’s a lot of fun. They make me laugh and they scare me when I travel or just when I am at home.

Check out the products she uses in her everyday beauty routine below, and be sure to check the video out for yourself.