Welcoming to Shaun WhiteLine of Love

Fresh off his trip to the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, the 34-year-old superstar snowboarder took some time to help out a fan on TikTok who asked his advice in getting over their breakup.

In a February 25, video, he stated that someone had once given him this tip and that he would pass it on to others. The key is to be the right kind of person.

He said, “So, be the best version of yourself, improve your self-esteem, and stop thinking about or worrying about what might have been and should have been. Just keep moving forward.”

Shaun could have a few tips on love. He is a former couple. Nina Dobrev for close to two years. Although Nina was not able to travel to China to watch her boyfriend compete in his fifth and final Olympics earlier this month, The Vampire DiariesThe actress was 33 years old and his greatest cheerleader at home.