Nothing is better than a date night with your son at the Oscars.

Shaun WhiteHis mother KathyOne adorable couple walked the red carpet of the 2022 Academy Awards, Sunday, March 27, with their partner.

The Olympic gold medalist, who is currently dating Nina DobrevCelebHomes News has exclusive access to the following information: Laverne Cox about looking forward to “traveling, just not for work,” now that’s he officially retired from pro snowboarding.

Sports star exclaimed, “Most of the places I visit are so cold. Just give me warm places.”

Cox asked his mother, “What does your opinion of his retirement?” Are you willing to help him find a job? Kathy replied, laughing, “I was thinking of that because I’m no longer going to support his family.” He’s now retired. He should be home.

Tonight is Shaun’s first Oscars night with his family.

“I’m excited, and I get to present a James Bond sixtyth anniversary package along with some amazing athletes. Tony HawkAnd Kelly Slater,” he told CelebHomes. So it’s going great.”