Will ArnettIt fills a gap we didn’t even know existed. 

Netflix has released its first trailer for their upcoming series, Monday 24 January Murderville, which features the Arrested Development star in the role of lead detective Terry Seattle. The preview shows Terry, who is mustachioed, trying to solve murders using the assistance of celebrity celebrities. Sharon StoneKumail Nanjiani And Marshawn Lynch.

At first glance, the show seems like any other police comedy out there—Reno 911Brooklyn 99, Psych—but there’s one thing that makes Murderville stand out above the rest: The guest stars don’t have a script. So while Terry and the rest of the cast know where the investigation is going, the “detectives in training” are required to improvise to keep the plot moving.

Consider Ashton Kutcher‘s Punk’d with less anxiety and more improv.

Will won’t, but that is a matter of course. Completely abandon his guest stars. The Fundamental Instinct actress, for example, he helps her come up with the character Eva Braunfinger, who has a thick German accent and seemingly little experience in autopsies.