Sharon OsbourneIs available to Talk again.

The CBS Daytime Talk Show has been cancelled. The TalkOsbourne and another controversial Brit will be joining Osbourne in March Piers Morgan on U.K.’s soon-to-launch talkTV network.

Morgan made the announcement in a March 17th press release video posted on Twitter. 

Morgan joked that what I was really seeking in co-workers at talkTV was someone who “is, well, kind of like me.” Morgan said, “Very opinionated. Fearless. Funny. And not afraid to say it. It can be a bit risky. It’s also possible to be dangerous.

Osbourne then asked Piers “Where do you sign?”

According to TalkRadioOsbourne will be hosting a Talk TV “current affairs” show called “Coincidencely enough”. The Talk. This show “will bring together five famous opinionated faces from diverse backgrounds to discuss the most fascinating stories of the day.”

It sounds familiar?