Next: Aaron RodgersIs this your game plan? Experiment with Florida on a little vacation Shailene Woodley.
On Monday, February 7, Green Bay Packers quarterback (38), and the Big Little Lies actress, 30, were photographed walking side-by-side after getting off a jet in Palm Beach.
CelebHomes News eyewitness says that they were casually dressed and only stayed in the city for five hours. “They arrived with no luggage, so it seemed like a quick stopover.”
Though Shailene’s ring finger was still bare, their newest reunion is adding spark to rumors that they could get back together after their February breakup. 
Aaron and Shailene ended their engagement after a year. A source told CelebHomes News that it didn’t work out for the couple, saying, “They are two very different people. While they are both very focused on their careers it has taken them to different places.