Following a very difficult season, they were engaged. ShahsThe storyline of Shouhed revolved around the sexting scandal. Ben-Cohen had found NSFW texts with another woman on his phone, and though on the show Shouhed initially claimed the messages were fake and denied any wrongdoing, he eventually owned up to them.

All seemed to be fine by the time of the reunion. Ben-Cohen said of Shouhed, “The love and the connection that we have with each other, like, I would not be able to live a day without him in my life.”

Ben-Cohen isn’t the only Shahs star who’s addressed Shouhed’s arrest, though. Mercedes “MJ” Javid weighed in during the April 11 episode of Jeff LewisSirius XM’s host, who stated that “I strongly believe people can be innocent until proven guilty,” was the reason Sirius XM chose to air his show.

Javid replied, “Same here.”