Mike ShouhedThe legal problems of the United States continue. 

It Shahs of Sunset alum is now facing 14 criminal charges, including domestic violence, according to legal documents obtained by CelebHomes News. Filed on July 20, the charges—all of which he has plead not guilty to—come approximately four months after he was arrested and booked on an unspecified felony charge. 

Shouhed’s attorney, Alex KesselFollowing the arrest of Reality Star, on March 27, he has denied all allegations that he was involved in domestic violence. CelebHomes News was contacted by him to confirm that his client has not committed domestic violence. The truth will prevail. 

Shouhed’s alleged victim has not been publicly identified, but Joshua Ritter, an attorney for Shouhed’s fiancée, Paulina Ben-CohenCelebHomes News received a statement from Paulina on July 26, in which she responded to this latest development. “Paulina’s primary focus is on keeping herself and her children safe,” Ritter said. She supports the efforts of the Police and City Attorney’s Office and continues to cooperate with them. However, she is looking forward to moving on and putting the sad past behind her.