During the first year of the Lees’ marriage (Anderson went by Pamela Lee during that time), Mötley Cruë did a lot of recording amid the building detritus in Malibu, but the couple lived primarily at Anderson’s condo and spent Christmas in London. The model-actress was pregnant again after suffering a miscarriage earlier in the year and being hospitalized, citing exhaustion, that October.

Anderson told Anderson in 1996 that he was “really excited” about having a baby. Although I do not want to harm his image, Tommy is very different from what you might think. He is a lover of flowers and even helps to plant them. He is a great cook and a good cleaner.” The eldest child of the couple. Brandon Thomas Lee, was born June 5, 1996.

But also in early 1996, Lee went out to the garage in Malibu to get something out of his safe—and the safe wasn’t there. In TommylandLee wondered if Lee had asked someone to move the item and then forgot. But quickly he realized they’d been robbed and, in his opinion, it had to be an inside job, people who had access and knew their way around.  

Sure enough, it was Gauthier, the disgruntled electrician who didn’t take kindly to having a gun pointed at him and sought revenge by stealing Lee’s safe, figuring it had to have something valuable in it. (He said). Rolling Stone he acted alone, though Lee thought it was WayToo heavy to be done as a single-man job.