Seth Rogen & Billy Eichner Will Meet Royals at “Lion King” U.K. Premiere

Seth RogenBeen a little too optimistic before you made this decision. Adele concert—making for one of the funniest moments of 2021.

The Santa Inc. The star was on the Tonight ShowOn Dec. 1, the doors were opened to Jimmy FallonAbout his VIP experience at The Adele, One Night OnlySpecial concert. “I was there,” said he to the host. “I was at the top row for the Adele concert, and it was as shocking to me as anybody because I did not know I was being tapped.

Seth shared that he was given the invite to the special. It was taped before the broadcast on Nov. 14 and he thought it would be a “small show.” He and Lauren Miller pre-gamed before heading to the show. “Me and my wife, we were like ‘It’s an Adele concert it’s in the park,’ the Pineapple ExpressStar stated. “We smoked a ton of weed and we’re like, ‘We’re just gonna enjoy this lovely Adele concert.'”