Serena wrote an essay earlier in the year about this topic. ElleIt wasn’t easy for Olympia to arrive in the world. Serena had to make a change to her birth plan when Olympia started dropping in heart rate. This led to Serena having to go to a C.-section. After spending the night in hospital with Olympia, Serena felt “excruciating pain” in her legs, and had a persistent cough, which led to her having to have her C-section stitches ripped. 

After spending a week in hospital during which Serena discovered that she had a bloodclot in her lungs. Serena then was allowed to leave with her baby. 

However, as Serena herself wrote in her essay, “Despite my body’s wreckage—and the fact that I couldn’t get in much breastfeeding—connecting with Olympia at long last was amazing; it was both the reward and the validation for all I’d been through.”