Chrishell StauseShe doesn’t take her screen persona too seriously.

On Saturday, January 8, 2008, the following candid moment was captured online: Sunsets for Sale star, 40, generally responded to people who watch and “get annoyed by my personality” on the show, tweeting, “Honestly, same.”  

The real estate agent and reality star explained that she believed her on-screen persona was created in part from her previous acting experiences. Chrishell said that she thinks years of auditioning triggers an odd part of her brain to speak to the camera. It is something I am trying to do. Lol. Lol. 

Dryly, she added: “By time we’recanceled I’ll get that.”  

After her post, support quickly flooded in from the show’s fanbase—including Geordie Shore’s Holly Hagan And YouTube makeup artist Manny Mua—who were not putting up with one single second of Chrishell’s negative self-talk.  

A fan posted, “I take it to be a personal insult when someone insults queen,” “@Chrishell7 , you have anything but an ‘annoying personality.’ You are one of the most kind, driven, inspirational, and professional people that I know. i’m so proud & grateful to look up to you & thankful you exist.”