The Return of Sunsets for Sale might have us joining Team Christine.

Season five of this addictive reality TV show about real estate premieres April 22nd on Netflix. Christine QuinnShe finds herself outcast with the Oppenheim Group’s other female employees. Christine admits that it’s not easy to be an outcast and says it’s been hard being ignored.

“They get it wrong about me, I think. They don’t realize that I’m exactly like everyone else. Christine revealed her thoughts on Netflix’s digital first cover. TudumCelebHomes News gets a rare first glimpse at this site. It’s hard to see yourself in one view, when people aren’t aware that you feel. Everyone makes mistakes, and that’s okay. 

Christine’s coworkers deny that they did anything wrong.

“It’s so offensive that this season we are being shown as mean girls.” Heather Rae El MoussaThese are just a few of the many things to look forward to in season five.

Emma HernanChristine, she claimed, is trying to tell a failed story.