Selena GomezA contour hack might work for you You are good.

The Rare Beauty founder recently shared another relatable TikTok to her 42 million followers, in which she demonstrated the products and techniques she uses in her makeup routine. In true Selena fashion, she showcased an everyday look that beginners and pros alike could easily recreate.

However, there was one moment from the tutorial that really stood out from the star’s routine: her simple, yet effective contour hack.

After applying foundation, concealer and filling in her brows, Selena grabbed her brand’s Warm Wishes Effortless Bronzer Stick. To sculpt her face, she swiped the cream-based product under her cheekbones, along her forehead and under her jawline. 

This is how her easygoing approach came to fruition.

To create an elevated effect, she blended the bronzer in upward motions. And after rubbing a small brush onto the stick, she then applied it to her eyelids, which not only gave definition to the crease but also added dimension to the overall look.