“Just by eating ice cream, you can help raise funds to address the gaps in mental health services and education,” she said. The Rare Impact Fund was established in 2020 by Rare Beauty as part of Rare Beauty’s promise to provide people with the necessary resources to improve their mental health. We aim to improve access to mental healthcare services within educational settings, and to stigmatize mental health.
As for why Selena continues to be a public advocate for mental health, her reasoning is simple. The singer knows that sharing her personal struggles is a way to remind fans they’re not alone in their troubles.
“I have been able use my platform for openly talking about my mental health, and sharing our stories can help us all to lower the stigma associated mental health,” she stated. My fans are so kind and generous with their stories. It means so much to me when they reach out for help and prioritize their mental health. 7 out 10 Gen Zers have depression symptoms, which is quite alarming. This shows that brands, celebrities and the government need to address mental health.