“Leave It to” Selena GomezNana will ask you the most important questions.
TikTok’s July 21st video featured a candid moment the singer of “Who Says” filmed as she did a make-up tutorial using her Rare Beauty products.

Selena begins to apply her lipstick in this clip. It was uploaded on Rare Beauty TikTok. Then, an off-camera voice said: “So how do you end it with this guy?”

Selena was halfway through applying lip products when she stopped. She was careful not to reveal her secrets to the camera audience. Selena continued filming her lip routine, before eventually cracking a smile. The moment was captioned, “Thanks Nana.”
Selena also posted the clip to her own TikTok account, pairing the footage with the message: “I have no words.” 
Selena might have felt speechless. But her comments were filled with support from fans. PlentyTo say.