No one says that you don’t need shoes to attend an award ceremony.

Selena GomezShe proved that she didn’t require them for impact when she went barefoot to the 2022 Screen Actors Guild Awards, February 27, 2019. This is The Nur Murderers in the BuildingThe actress shared her laughs on Instagram Feb. 28, when she wore black pointed toe pumps and couldn’t resist taking to Instagram. She was seen chatting with her co-stars during the ceremony. Martin ShortWhile going shoeless

Selena said that “Last night, was so special.” Although I was unable to keep my heels off, I managed to snap a few selfies.

An Instagram user wrote, “Seriously! How are you real!” You don’t need the high heels to do it, but another user added that it was her world and she’s just living it.

She did keep the outfit pieces that she liked. A black velvet Oscar de la RentaBulgari diamond necklace, Bulgari emerald earrings, and a Bulgari gown. Selena’s award winning glam included a dark bow and a low bun.